Our mission, commitment & VALUES


Mission statement

 Through long-term strategic partnerships, Al Nadir Trading Company (ANTC) focuses on providing our markets with quality products and competitive pricing while helping Iraqis eat and live better. 


Our commitment

Providing consumers best value
We sell products of quality to meet our rigorous standards of excellence sold at competitive prices.

Delivering our customer services that matter
We do our best to listen, understand and resolve the needs and challenges of our customers.

Maintaining Trust
Our unwavering standards establish our reputation of reliability as a company you can count on. You can rely on ANTC and trust that we always have the consumers best interests at heart. 


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Leading from the front

What you do when no one is looking, respect, transparency

(Japanese for continuous improvement): No one is perfect, but we can all improve

Alone we survive, together we thrive, work hard

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